Do you want to reconnect to your sexual aliveness?

Free Guide to Reawakening Desire by Nicola Foster, Sex and Relationship Therapist.

If you have forgotten how it feels to look forward to intimacy...

If you want to want again...

If you are worried about your lost libido and want to try to find your way back to physical connection...

This free guide is for you. Emailed direct to your Inbox - easy-to-print, 10 clear steps with simply laid out exercises.

What you'll find inside 

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10 PRACTICAL RECOMMENDATIONS - including mindfulness, movement, embodiment, touch and mindset.

Based on research and experience working with hundreds of women and couples with intimacy issues

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Each of the ten steps has an accompanying exercise or recommended next step. Most of these are things you can do totally on your own - plus there is one partnered exercise.

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Some sex advice feels a million miles away from day-to-day real life, with kids, stress, family responsibilities. My work is grounded in real life - it's not about fancy techniques, or positions, or toys - it's about real intimacy for busy people who also want to enjoy a love life.

BONUS - my list of top ten recommended BEST BOOKS on reclaiming desire based on more than 10 years in this field.

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Who is Nicola?

Hello, I'm Nicola Foster.

I'm deeply committed to helping couples and individuals heal and repair their relationships.

As a qualified relationship and psychosexual therapist, I specialise in supporting couples and individuals with repairing relationship issues and problems to do with sex and intimacy.

I've been working in the field of personal development for more than 10 years. Initially, I was a coach specialising in careers. However, my own struggles in relationship led me to study relationships and sexuality as my main passion.

Since then, I've made it my career and mission to help people create happy, healthy, sexy relationships.

I offer coaching, courses and workshops, online and in person.



Emailed to your Inbox - easy to print, 10 clear steps with simply laid out exercises.

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