Want to relax and enjoy a closer relationship?

Reigniting Intimacy

A 6-week journey to help you build more intimacy and connection in your relationship (next program begins Feb 1 2022.)

A six-week course for couples who are feeling disconnected.

  • Are you in a couple and unhappy about the state of your relationship?
  • Do you feel stuck in a vicious cycle of hope followed by disappointment?
  • Are you worried that lack of intimacy is going to cause you to break up?

Many couples get stressed out with issues in their intimate relationships. You may be contending with health issues such as erectile dysfunction or vulval pain, you may have to cope with the arrival of a new baby, or you may just feel that the ‘honeymoon’ period is over and you've grown apart.

Whatever the cause, if you’re feeling scared that your relationship is under threat because of problems around desire, closeness and intimacy - this course is for you.

Reigniting Intimacy is a comprehensive  six-week course that takes you on a transformational journey from feeling disappointed and hopeless to feeling empowered and optimistic.

I will guide you through some of the most common issues couple’s face, offering exercises, ideas and resources you can use to reinvigorate and rebuild intimacy and connection.

Hi! I'm Nicola Foster

I'm a certified Relationship and Intimacy Therapist and Coach. My mission is helping couples to reignite passion and intimacy, so they can have a happier, more relaxed and connected relationship. 



✓ Reflect on what intimacy means to you both

✓ Understand more about your relationship patterns and how they affect intimacy

✓ Address blocks that are getting in the way 

✓ Learn how to communicate your feelings, desires, boundaries with kindness

✓ Learn about how arousal works and how it can go wrong and what to do about it


✓ Learn how to have safer conversations about desires

✓ Learn how to ask for what you need and want, in a way that your partner can hear

✓ Learn all about the science of pleasure and how to have more of it!

✓ Be inspired to grow as a partner

✓ Explore ideas and resources for bringing more fun and play into your  relating

"Nicola has really helped us to communicate about our intimacy. The exercises she gave us helped us learn how to express ourselves. She was so insightful, caring and discrete. We would recommend Nicola to anyone who wants to get closer." Fiona


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