for couples and individuals who want to build or rebuild intimacy

If you’re beginning to feel like your relationship is becoming more like friends than lovers - you’re in the right place.

I see you struggling because your sex life isn’t working and it feels like a long lost memory. Asking yourself ‘is it even possible to get the spark back after decades together?’ 


 This is a way to learn all about intimacy, at your own pace, in your own home, in privacy - with support from Nicola Foster, Relationship and Intimacy Therapist expert in desire mismatch.

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Is this you?

You feel more like friends than lovers.

You feel you have lost the 'spark' between you.

You struggle because you have different levels of libido.

You’re feeling like there is something wrong because your sex drive has gone.

You became a parent and lost contact with your sexual relationship.

You feel guilty because you love your partner and know they miss being close to you.

You feel disappointed about the sexless state of your relationship.

You miss the closeness and playfulness sex used to give you - but you can’t take more rejection.

For both of you, finding your way out of the downward spiral feels impossible.


Build security and trust

More pleasure and fun

Enjoy fulfilling intimacy

Relaxed love making

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Understand and manage desire discrepancy. Discover effective techniques for nurturing and deepening emotional, physical, and sexual intimacy over time. Enjoy a more fulfilling and relaxed sexual and emotionally connected relationship.


12 Weeks of Video Lessons

Each week includes videos, worksheets, exercises and discussion guides.

Access to Nicola

Direct access to Nicola for personal, private answers to your questions

Live Monthly Class

Live monthly classes, live coaching and Q&A 

Additional 3 months 

3 additional months of access. Giving you lots of time for integration and completion.

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The Body and Feeling Safe


Lessons include:

- Connecting to the body, exploring mind / body connection

- What supports each of you to feel safe and to feel pleasure

- How to listen and share and stay regulated in your nervous system

- What you need to know about the polyvagal system and your love relationship

- How to know when you or your partner are 'flooded' and what to do about it

- How can you help each other to co-regulate each others nervous systems better

- Consent and Boundaries



Talking About Sex


How to talk about sex and sexuality - your preferred language and names.

- What does sex mean for each of you?

- Your sexual values, and desires or lack of desires

- What's normal?

- Busting myths

- Your sexual story



Emotional Intimacy & Physical Intimacy


Emotional Intimacy Lessons include:

- What's happening when you argue (if you do) and what's the underlying issue

- How are your attachment styles affecting this relationship

- What to do if you are stuck in a 'pursue/withdraw' cycle with each other

- How is the past present in your relating?

- How to initiate better

- How to say no - and stay connected

Physical Intimacy Lessons include:

- How arousal works including responsive and spontaneous desire

- How to broaden your touch repertoire

- How to ask for what you want

- Pleasure and You / The Direct Route

- The power of breath for pleasure

- Erotic Expansion, Play and Your Erotic Maps

- Reawakening desire



Handling Mismatched Desire


- Why does mismatched desire happen?

- How to manage mismatched desire 

- Initiating

- How to handle being the higher desire partner

- How to handle being the lower desire partner


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Putting It Into Practice


- How to do you make time for intimacy in your lives?

- Working through conflicts and resentments

- Addressing common issues such as problems with erections, pain, difficulty with orgasm

- How to make agreements that work



Growing Together

- Creating a vision for your intimate life

- How to expand through experimentation

- How to deepen communication. I teach you a powerful practice to take forward.


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"Nicola helped us with communicating about our intimacy. She worked with us on exercises about how to express ourselves.She was insightful, caring and discrete. We would recommend Nicola to anyone who needs relationship support."


"Thank you for providing us with the tools to move on and really enjoy our relationship again. You made us feel comfortable talking about very personal difficulties and also made the learning fun and something we looked forward to. Your manner was always warm and considerate and we both felt really listened to."

"Working with Nicola has been so beneficial for us as a couple. She creates a safe, relaxed environment to help us open up and explore difficult topics with care. Nicola manages to strike a perfect balance between sharing her extensive knowledge all while guiding us with a gentle and compassionate intuition. We never felt lectured to or heavily steered, but always felt firmly supported."



12 weeks to feel more confident and empowered and create the intimate love life you both want.

You'll learn:


How to develop TRUST through skilful communication

Feeling that you can speak honestly, and still be loved - that's the key to an intimate, conscious relationship. I'm going to show you how to speak about your needs without blowing up your relationship. We'll learn about how to calm your own and each other's nervous systems.


How to build more INTIMACY - both emotional and physical

In Reigniting Intimacy  you'll be learning grounded, real-life, tried and tested intimacy practices, exercises and tips throughout the 12 weeks with videos and guides you can follow at home. Including teaching and practices from the Wheel of Consent.


How to GROW, expand and deepen intimacy

You'll learn what it takes to be able to develop and expand as individuals, and still build intimacy that grows and grows.



Perfect for you if:

  • You want real, step-by-step practical exercises and somewhere to share confidentially about what happens when you use them.
  • You want to learn about what makes a healthy relationship work.
  • You've wondered about couples therapy but the time isn't right and you're interested in what happens in therapy.
  • You love to share about relationship matters and find the idea of having a better sex life exciting.
  • You are open to new ideas about sex and relating.

Not for you if:

  • You're in a highly charged, volatile relationship - you deserve the support of a therapist with weekly sessions to help create the safety you need.
  • You are in active trauma and would be best supported by one-to-one support  -  therapy would be a better choice.

REIGNITING INTIMACY : VIP includes coaching with Nicola

1 Payment of


Paid in Full

  • 12 week online video course
  • 2 x 60 minute coaching calls with Nicola
  • + extra 3 month completion time
  • Monthly live calls with  Q&A
  • Personal support via Voxer for 6 months

     * Time Limited Offer Until March 31st - usual rate £697
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3 Payments of


Paid Monthly

  • 12 week online video course
  • 2 x 60 minute coaching calls with Nicola
  • + extra 3 month completion time
  • Monthly live calls with  Q&A
  • Personal support via Voxer for 6 months

     * Time Limited Offer Until March 31st - usual rate £697
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1 Payment of


Paid in Full

  • 12 week online video course
  • + extra 3 month completion time
  • Monthly live calls with  Q&A
  • Personal support via Voxer for 6 months

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3 Payments of


Paid Monthly

  • 12 week online video course 
  • + extra 3 month completion time
  • Monthly live calls with  Q&A
  • Personal support via Voxer for 6 months

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No more feeling hopeless that you’re on your own with no idea where to start.

I can’t wait to stand by your side as you feel more empowered and hopeful in your relationship.


To Get These Bonuses!

oaching Call 

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Cultivating Desire
With Mindfulness 

5 day mini course for women who want to reconnect to desire - worth £149

Doorways to Desire

Guided meditation MP4 to open your body/mind to pleasure.










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Hi! I'm Nicola.

Why did I create Reigniting Intimacy?

 I became a sex and relationship therapist because I know that if we ignore sexual issues it can break relationships.

One of my relationships broke down because of a sexual problem, where we weren't able to grow together and resolve issues with intimacy.

In my 30's a partner had affairs because we hadn't worked on honesty and intimacy in our relationship. 

As a professional Couples Therapist I’ve supported so many couples facing separation or divorce because they both checked out emotionally years ago - and now separation is the only option.

I’ve supported many couples who have been blasted apart by an affair, and are trying to pick up the pieces, starting again to rebuild trust.

I don’t want that for you.

I want you to enjoy REAL intimacy.

I want to prevent your relationship falling apart unnecessarily.

You will take positive steps  to change your relationship dynamics forever. 

You can work to build and deepen intimacy using tools and exercises for self regulation and co-regulation.

You will learn how to have more joy and pleasure, more conscious touch, more slowed down sexuality and how to become more and more embodied.

Take back the power in your intimate relating.

12 Week Program +

3 Month Completion Time

Real Intimacy is a 12 week online program. Two modules of video lessons are released at the start of each month for you to watch and work through at your own pace.

After the first three months - you have a further three months to complete and integrate.

Monthly Live Zoom Calls

I'm live every month with opportunities for Q&A and embodiment practice calls where you can come and dive into one of the many embodied practices from the course live.

Dates and times may vary but will usually be Tuesdays at 8pm GMT/BST. Teaching sections of calls will be recorded and available on replay. We will invite expert guests from time to time to teach about their expert areas such as orgasm, kink, erotic writing, breathwork, etc.)

Access to Nicola for Support

For six months you'll have access to Nicola via the Zoom calls AND via a tool called Voxer where you can send questions either typed or spoken and get personal confidential responses.

Yes I'm In!

Special Price + Bonus until March 31st









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